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Embarking on an Acadian Voyage: The Legacy of the Acadian Odyssey Commission

In 1999, we set sail on an incredible journey - the Acadian Odyssey Commission was founded with a profound purpose: to illuminate the rich tapestry of Acadian history and culture in Canada, across North America, and around the world.

La Swing du Suête dance group Chéticamp

Guided by its mandate, the Acadian Odyssey Commission champions:

➡️ An international commemoration of the Acadian Deportation and the Odyssey; ➡️ An enriching awareness of Acadian history and culture;

➡️ The vibrant promotion of Acadie as part of this encompassing project.

Since 2009, the Commission has been steadfast in fulfilling its mission, leveraging the expertise of its members to answer inquiries about Acadian heritage, historic figures, significant events, and sites. In doing so, it bolsters and fosters the creation of commemorative monuments.

Embark on your own Acadian Odyssey today.

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