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Halifax waterfront


Discover Nova-Scotia’s bustling and historical port city capital

Did you know? The Halifax Regional Municipality is located on a territory that was long occupied by the Mi'kmaq Nation. Originally, it was called Chebucto, from the Mi'kmaq term "Chebookt," which means "principal port." With so many beautiful experiences, discoveries, and delights to be had, Halifax's cultural explorations will never cease to amaze you.


History's Echo: Halifax Citadel

Step back in time with a visit to the impressive Halifax Citadel, formerly one of the most important British military structures in North America. Discover the thrilling yet tragic sequence of events during which the British and the French battled over the possession of this strategic port city.

Halifax Citadel by Acorn Art & Photography

Chezzetcook: Nature's Acadian Haven

Maison Acadienne de Chezzetcook

Dive into Acadia’s captivating past and discover the heroic history of those who found refuge in the beautiful and picturesque Acadian community of Chezzetcook, east of the Halifax Regional Municipality. Chezzetcook means "the place where water quickly spreads in many directions." Let yourself be captivated by the natural beauty of the surroundings while enjoying a coffee at the welcoming Maison Acadienne de Chezzetcook.


Passionate guides will not only reveal the artefacts and ancestral way of life of this community but you’ll also enjoy the delightful culinary discoveries and wonderful traditional folklore, including fabulous Acadian tales, through the exciting year-round cultural exploration activities. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the nearby trails and tranquil beaches which will be sure to capture your heart.

Discover Halifax's Legacy

As an exceptional port city, maritime life and voyage are ever-present in Halifax. Let powerful emotions take hold of you as you visit the 3 cemeteries of the Titanic, and let museums dedicated to Halifax’s nautical heritage and its history of immigration impress you with compelling stories.

Atlantic Boat Museum

Savor Halifax's Vibrant Coastline

Halifax waterfront

Top off your exploration adventure with a magnificent, and invigorating oceanfront walk. Stretching 4 km, it invites you to enjoy views of the pier and McNab Island, admiring impressive ships and vessels as you go, to browse lovely shops, and succumb to a variety of menus offered by the numerous restaurants on the waterfront before embarking on a ferry bay crossing to explore Dartmouth, located just across the water.


During your stay, treat yourself to the cultural activities developed by the Centre Communautaire du Grand Havre (CCGH) and the Alliance Française of Halifax.


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