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Promenade at the Pomquet BEach

Saint Mary’s Bay

A fabulously generous dose of endearing Acadian traditions

Uncover more of what Clare has to offer during your visit to St. Mary's Bay, where authentic experiences, cultural exploration, and free-spirited adventure await you.


Acadian traditions

Proudly counting over 8000 French-speaking residents, St. Mary’s Bay boasts a fabulously generous dose of endearing Acadian traditions, picturesque landscapes, and warm hospitality.

Discover the essence of this beautiful Acadian community by visiting historical and cultural landmarks such as St. Mary's Church, the largest wooden church in North America, and the Rendez-vous de la Baie, the inspiring Acadian cultural interpretive centre located on the Université Sainte-Anne campus in Church Point.


A Culinary Journey into Acadian Tradition

Culinary Jorney into Acadian traditions

Let St. Mary’s Bay embark you on a journey of wonderful experiences as you tuck in and savour some of the local and traditional Acadian cuisine, including the beloved Rappie Pie (Râpure), a tasty paste of potato pulp garnished with juicy chicken meat. You’ll undoubtedly be surprised to find that this dish is best enjoyed with molasses! Relish in the delicious "Les beaux vendredis"


Acadian lobster and shellfish dinners every Friday during July and August at the Belliveau’s Cove wharf. The incredible hospitality of the people of this corner of Acadia is sure to touch your heart.


Indulge in an unparalleled Acadian culinary experience with Searoots Dining, and savour a delicious seafood dinner on the beach! It's an experience filled with delightful flavours, fabulous hospitality, and Acadian music. Extend the pleasure of exploring rich, local flavours with the fresh and seasoned wines from Maison Meuse.

Embrace the Vibrant Beats and Tranquil Retreats

Enchant your senses further with the rich local musical heritage as the region’s musicians perform during the summer months in various restaurants participating in the Music of the Bay events. Allow vibrant fun to envelop you as you attend the Bay’s popular festivals, such as the impressive Acadian Festival of Clare, all positively brimming with Acadian “joie de vivre”.

Find solace in the bay's untamed beauty and serene landscapes, whether you’re in the mood for exploring the scenic coastal trails (late September’s Gran Fondo cycling event is a fantastic way to experience the coastal outdoors), 

or enjoying the tranquil pristine beaches such as Mavillette Beach and Cape Sainte-Marie Lighthouse.


Unforgettable hiking highlights also include the trails of Les Petit Bois and visiting the new lighthouse, featuring various interpretive panels unveiling the history of the area and the secrets of its wilderness.

Malvette beach


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