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Nova Scotia’s Acadia: North America’s first francophone settlement

Did you know?

That it was in Nova Scotia that the first Francophones of the New World established themselves in the year 1605?

Pierre Du Gua Sieur De Monts and Samuel de Champlain built the first permanent homesteads of North America in Port Royal, an edifying reconstructed settlement that thousands of visitors delight in exploring at their own pace to this very day! 

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Acadian Historical House

Acadia’s history

Prosperity, independence, desolation and rebirth subsequently marked Acadia’s history. The refusal of our people to take sides in the territorial disputes between France and England entailed serious consequences, leading to the deportation of our ancestors - one of the most painful times of our past, but which later birthed the inspiring, resilient and welcoming Acadian communities that we cherish today.

Experience Acadian Heritage

Visit Nova Scotia invites you to discover our Acadia’s rich cultural heritage through unique, authentic Acadian attractions and experiences: discover Acadia’s cuisine, local traditions, music, language, history, local hidden gems, spectacular natural environments and enjoy authentic French-Speaking encounters; a colorful adventure guaranteeing unforgettable memories!

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Kayaking Nova Scotia

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