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Uncover the lifestyles and stories of the French settlers in the New World

Step into History, Engage in Adventure!

A visit to the Fortress of Louisbourg will immerse you in the early 18th century. Transport yourself into the exciting daily life of the garrison and the inhabitants of the first French fortress in the New World. Meet and enjoy the stories told by many different members of the community, brought to life by passionate interpretive guides in the authentic clothing from that time period!


A word of caution: don’t speak English at the entrance, the guards on duty could seize you and lead you to the dungeon, under the pretext that you could be an English spy!

This fortress is the largest reconstruction of a historic city in North America, and its scenic coastal views are just as magnificent as the fortress itself. Due to the sheer scale of the place, you will definitely want to spend a minimum of three hours on this site.

Cape Breton Road Trip Parks Canada Cape Breton

Historic Explorations, Coastal Wonders!

Cape Breton Road Trip Parks Canada Cape Breton

Near the fortress lies the beginning of an exciting coastal hiking trail, which leads to the stunning Louisbourg Lighthouse. This moderate difficulty hike normally takes two to three hours. We highly recommend that you inquire on-site to make sure the trail is accessible.

While in Louisbourg, be sure to participate in an unforgettable 18th Century dining experience at the Beggars Banquet. This unique meal transports you back in time, offering a tantalizing taste of history and heritage.

The Louisbourg area and wider Cape Breton Island brim with attractions waiting to be discovered. For a deeper dive into what these places have to offer, explore the Cape Breton Island website. Here you'll find an array of information and inspiration to truly enrich your visit to this captivating corner of the world.


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