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Antigonish Beaches


A peaceful Acadian land of dunes and sandy beaches

Did you know? Pomquet is the smallest of the Acadian regions of Nova Scotia. It was founded in 1774 by the establishment of five families (Doiron, Duon, Broussard, Vincent, Lamarre) from Saint-Malo in France.

Dune Dreams: Pomquet's Natural Harmony

Allow the peacefulness of the region envelop you, reconnect with nature and savour the stretches of sandy beaches including sand dunes of significant ecological importance. The stunning beach of Pomquet stretches for nearly 2 kilometres and a half, and features an awe-inspiring system of thirteen dunes creating the incredibly beautiful and unique backdrop to ultimate beach fun.This beach is also an important maritime nesting site for the Piping Plover, a small shorebird with endangered status.


Keep your eyes peeled for the unique sight of plovers engaging in their impressive aerial shows during the breeding period; sit back and experience a relaxing trance-like effect as they gracefully glide and swoop through the shoreline air.

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Echoes of Acadian Heritage

Antigonish Jazz Festival by Acorn Art & Photography

Live some of the most wonderfully unique Acadian cultural explorations by visiting Chez Deslauriers, a picturesque 19th century historic home that has been converted into an interpretive centre, brimming with authentic local artefacts and memorabilia calling for a deep dive into the region’s unique history. It will also invite you to join popular Acadian dining experiences, and even enjoy outdoor concerts with local musicians during the summer months.


We recommend you call ahead of your visit to ensure visiting and cultural events schedules.

This historical landmark site also marks the departure of the Acadian Trail of Pomquet; a beautiful 4-kilometer hike which allows you to explore the magnificent coast and the protected surrounding lands of Monks Head Provincial Reserve.

Savour Acadian Serenity

Indulge in local culinary experiences such as the delicious Chicken Fricot, one of the traditional Acadian specialities in the area. It is a comforting and savoury chicken soup, with diced potato, delicately seasoned with traditional salted herbs, and covered with fluffy dumplings.


Treat yourself to an authentic, peaceful haven getaway by staying in one of the Bed & Breakfast and cottages available. The town of Antigonish (only fifteen minutes away from Pomquet), offers a variety of restaurants and charming accommodations to discover as well.

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Brownstone Restaurant, Antigonish, Northumberland Shore by Acorn Art & Photography


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