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Isle Madame


A welcoming island off the coast of Cape Breton


Acadian Ancestry & Maritime Mysteries!

Isle Madame welcomes you to discover its captivating historical succession of Acadian families and settlements thanks to precious insights to the region’s genealogy preserved at the community centre La Picasse located in Petit-de-Grat and the displays at the The Isle Madame Historical Society. Spare time to also visit the inspiring LeNoir Forge Museum and Boat Barn, the oldest stone building in Cape Breton dedicated to Isle Madame’s once flourishing shipbuilding and repair industry.


Exploring the local Acadian culture, testing your nautical knowledge as you uncover artefacts from a long-lost time and conversing with passionate interpreters are just some of the fabulous highlights you can look forward to.

LeNour Forge Museum

Seaside Delights and Acadian Feasts

Clairestone Inn

Indulge in the island’s tasty traditional meat pie. This is a delightful thick crust pie garnished with juicy beef that has been slowly simmered with onions and salted pork. Seafood and crustaceans are also abundant on the island, inviting you to a fabulously fresh Acadian ocean feast!

Relax and enjoy exceptional stays and accommodations at the Clairestone Inn and Groundswell. These secluded and stunning oceanfront havens in the heart of Isle Madame also offer remarkable dining experiences overlooking spectacular ocean views, musical entertainment and themed cultural activities.


Those with a spirit for adventure will appreciate being introduced to the amazing array of outdoor activities offered by these two locations.

Wealth of cultural events and festivals

On the second weekend of August, join the community in celebrating its vibrant and colourful Acadian culture with the Petit-de-Grat Acadian Festival showcasing Acadian music, dance, an exciting softball tournament, a delicious community lunch and more! 

Join the excitement of watching the Isle Madame Yacht Race, and have fun betting on who will earn the prestigious award, The Arichat Cup. This 16-mile in-harbour race is a Canadian Yachting Association sanctioned yacht race, and has long been part of a weekend party (“rendez-vous”) held in July and always includes delicious food and drink.

Music enthusiasts will love discovering the upbeat annual Isle Madame Bluegrass and Old Time Country Music Festival as well as the outdoor Codstock music festival - Acadian musical heritage at its best with guaranteed toe tapping fun!

Acadian Festival Nova Scotia


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