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Explore Nova Scotia’s Acadia with our memorable tailored visits

What fantastic cultural treasures and adventures await you in Acadian Nova Scotia?

Discover the unique beauty of Nova Scotia and immerse yourself in its rich Acadian heritage with our bespoke tours. Experience the perfect pairing of exquisite local wines with delicious, traditional Acadian cuisine. Uncover the valiant history and inviting culture of Acadia through engaging cultural sites and experiences.


Be captivated by the exceptional talent of local artists and artisans, and marvel at the stunning, picturesque landscapes that define Acadia. Our thoughtfully designed circuits invite you to venture beyond the familiar paths and into the heart of Acadian life, offering moments of delight, discovery, and awe at every turn. Join us for an unparalleled journey through the vibrant spirit and scenic beauty of Nova Scotia.



Choose your circuit and get ready to go

Simply book your accommodation, and  embark on an unforgettable journey.

Maximize your

Discover a vibrant culture at your leisure for an enriching adventure.

the exceptional!

Explore Nova Scotia’s Acadian culture with out tailor-made circuits.

Embrace intentional tourism

Intentionally savour Acadian history with unforgettable experiences.

Venture into the Heart of Nova Scotia's Acadian Heritage

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