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8 Acadian Tastebud Treasures to discover in Nova Scotia

If there’s ever a fun way to discover Acadia, it’s by tasting delicious treats throughout the province. Discover 8 Acadian tastebud treasures to discover in Nova Scotia, either Acadian-owned or Acadian-inspired bakeries and cafés throughout the province.

Hints of tradition and a wealth of Acadian treats at La Have Bakery
Hints of tradition and delicious Acadian treats at La Have Bakery. Photo credit: Tourism Nova Scotia.

Located near Lunenburg and the Ovens Natural Park Sea Caves, this charming bakery and local produce grocery store in the community of LaHave offer a delightful selection of freshly baked goods, including artisan bread, pastries, and specialty cakes. They take pride in incorporating local ingredients and traditional Acadian recipes into their products, bringing you some of the most delightful tastebud treats in the area.

Located in Chéticamp, Aucoin Bakery is a family-owned business known for its delicious Acadian-style baked goods. From mouthwatering Acadian meat pies ("pâtés à la viande") to traditional desserts and tarts, Aucoin Bakery offer a tasty range of Acadian favourite culinary heritage.

Sip delightful warm beverages and savour delicious sweet snacks at Marguerite Boutique
Sip delightful warm beverages and savour delicious sweet snacks at Marguerite Boutique & Provisions. Photo credit: Corey Katz ( & Visitez Nouvelle-Écosse / Le Conseil de développement économique de la Nouvelle-Écosse.

Inspired by Cheticamp’s historical Street Shops, Marguerite Boutique & Provisions pays an affectionate tribute to locally famous knick & knack collector Marguerite Gallant. This endearing little boutique in Cheticamp showcases all sorts of Acadian and local handmade crafts, souvenirs, textiles, jewelry, hooked rugs, and decorative art pieces representing Acadia’s diverse artistic tradition. While also selling all sorts of gourmet culinary treats gleaned both locally and worldwide, Marguerite serves tasty sweet snacks and hot beverages to enjoy in their cozy quaint little tea room with a captivating book or to sip as you shop for meaningfully cute and locally-made souvenirs.

A cozy restaurant in Indian Harbour, near stunning Peggy's Cove, which serves French and Acadian-inspired dishes, baked goods, and beverages. Perfect for a pause amidst an exploration adventure of Halifax’s wild and scenic shores. Stop by, relax and enjoy a taste of the many wonderful and heartwarming Acadian culinary delights always served with a hefty dose of Acadian hospitality and friendliness.

An endearing and popular Acadian food truck, serving delectable lovingly-prepared take-out meals with an Acadian modern twist. From gourmet burgers and poutines to signature savoury sea snacks, this one of its kind Meals on Wheels venue is known for preparing the best Acadian burgers in Saint Mary’s Bay!

Acadian pause at La Goélette à Pépé
Acadian pause at La Goélette à Pépé: indulge and discover! Photo credit: Tourism Nova Scotia.

This charming café in Arichat on L’Isle Madame serves delightfully roasted coffees and heartwarming teas with a side of local Acadian history. As you sip away, discover incredible local life stories as well as the amusing origins of the Acadian Sobriquets (nicknames). As an enchanting Acadian cultural stop, La Goélette à Pépé delights visitors with its authentic flavours and warm hospitality.

Do you love, dream and live for coffee? Then you’ll want to make the Acadian-owned Brûlerie du Vieux Moulin one of your "tasty treat must-visits” in the Baie Sainte Marie. With a wide selection of coffee grains from around the world, and boasting freshly home-roasted grains whilst embracing an approach as environmentally friendly as possible, the delightful aromas wafting from your cup of coffee at this quaint and adorable Brulerie are sure to put (Acadian) stars in your eyes!

njoying a pause and homemade snacks at Old World Bakery
Enjoying a pause and homemade snacks at Old World Bakery, Yarmouth. Photo credit: Tourism Nova Scotia.

Craving some homemade sweet treats (or savoury snacks) lovingly prepared according to local tradition? Look no further: this cozy little café located in the heart of Yarmouth will enchant your tastebuds with a mouthwatering menu that even includes delicious vegetarian options.

So? Which of these 8 Acadian Tastebud Treasures to discover in Nova Scotia delighted your senses the most? Let us know your favourites!


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