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Illuminating Acadian Heritage: The Lighthouses of Isle Madame

Once home to thirteen majestic lighthouses, Isle Madame now safeguards four historic beacons, each holding a unique story of Acadian Nova Scotia.

The Lighthouse of Isle Madame

Your journey begins at:

➡️ Arichat, on Jersey Man Island

Continues to the lighthouse on:

➡️ Green Island

Then onward to the accessible-by-gravel-road:

➡️ Cap-Auguet

And finally, culminating at the breathtaking:

➡️ Lennox Passage Provincial Park.

Pack a picnic, set your spirit free, and venture across the gravel path to the enchanting Marache Point lighthouse in Cap-Auguet and the Grandique lighthouse in Lennox Passage Provincial Park

To delve deeper into these intriguing tales of light and shadows, visit:

The Lighthouses of Isle Madame arial view

Photos: Acorn Art & Photography

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