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Le Quai Mathieu - The Heart of Acadian Chéticamp

Nestled in the central main street of the charming Acadian Village, Le Quai Mathieu offers breathtaking views of the Harbour of Chéticamp and Chéticamp Island.

After the collapse of the cod fisheries in the early 1990s, Chéticamp faced an uncertain economic future. The conception and construction of the boardwalk at Le Quai Mathieu, however, emerged as a symbol of hope and revival for the community.

Le Quai Mathieu Chéticamp

Earning widespread media acclaim for the community's pride and the efforts of the Chéticamp Development Commission, the project unfolded in stages, culminating in a vibrant coastal infrastructure.

While the entire project is yet to be completed, the major phases have been:

Phase 1: Construction of a boardwalk and parking lot in the town's heart.

Phase 2: Boardwalk extension to "La Chaloupe's" wharf.

Phase 3: Boardwalk extension between "La Chaloupe" and "Harbour Restaurant".

Phase 4: Construction of the Wharf Catwalk.

Le Quai Mathieu and the boardwalk have been enhanced with gateway markers, branding, signage, and washrooms, becoming a hub of community activity. From hosting Acadian festival events and music and dance evenings to serving as a whale-watching venue and offering kayak and seadoo rentals, it has become a cornerstone of the community. It also serves as a spot for yoga, tai chi, walking, or simply watching the sunset over Chéticamp Island.

Unearth more about the Chéticamp community:

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